The Untold Story of Palestinian Fashion: 4 Items You NEED to Buy NOW!

Fashion – isn’t just about glamour and allure. It’s how an individual expresses herself and nations build on their identities. Unfortunately for Palestine – a nation that has suffered all sorts of geographical, territorial, political, cultural and identiterian crisis – fashion turns out to be one of the strongest forms of liberation and self-expressions. In today’s fashion capitals where fusion, montages and mosaics are almost voguish, the traditional art of Palestinian embroidery stands out to reclaim its separate distinct identity on the globe.

If you have a flair for rich histories and clothing pieces and fashion accessories that go beyond being just the eye-candies – you need to venture into Palestinian embroidered fashion clothing and accessories. Each piece is well-curated manually and is an artistic embodiment of an entire culture and nation. The fact that these pieces are mesmerizing on the eyes and incredibly easy to style is just the icing on the cake.

Wondering where to begin your search for key Palestinian fashion pieces? Here’s a comprehensive list of FOUR must-haves for you:

1- Hand Embroidered Black Shawl with Red Embroidery

Shawls and scarves are a big part of Palestinian clothing for women, so it only makes sense that you at least have one of these in your collection. This black shawl has a moderately good size and thus easy to drape around your shoulders over a t-shirt and jeans. Perfect for moderately cold evenings in the beginning of fall or winter season.

2- Red Velvet Embroidered Maxi Dress

embroidered red velvet dress

Maxi dresses are one of the beloved silhouettes of Arab women; the style flatters curvy women just perfectly! If you like royal-inspired long length dresses, try one of these elegant and feminine embroidered maxi dresses for a ball or a festive dinner.

3- Black Open Cape (poncho) with Red Embroidery

Black Open Cape (poncho) with Red Embroidery

Are you looking for something contemporary and versatile with a tinge of Palestinian flair? Check out this gorgeous cape that could either be worn on top of a slim-fit jeans and sweater or with a figure-hugging dress and boots.

4- Handmade Black and Red Scarf with Embroidered Pendant

Handmade black and red scarf with embroidered pendant

One of the easiest ways to add a little something to your wardrobe is adding a traditional Palestinian scarf with an embroidered pendant.  You can style it in a million ways: wear it with a suit, with deep V-neck blouses or wrap it around your neck with a tube top – your call!

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