Reinventing Embroidery Fashion

Embroidery is a complex technique dating back to the 5th century. It was a cherished craft of embellishing fabric with designs, pearls, stripes or beads. As a design tradition, it carries the legacy influence of Roman and Egyptian empires in the Palestinian region. Embroidery serve as a cultural statement, from tribal women hand stitching beautiful pearls and yarns onto clothing to Roman royals adorning intricately embroidered gowns.

Over the centuries, embroidery techniques, the materials used and production methods have evolved, but the design still retains its appeal. Whether it is for a casual outing, a party or a couple’s evening out, there are embroidered clothing style that can get the job done.

Embroidery is hitting the fashion scene once again and it is gaining attention in contemporary arts with unique and creative styles. This is all thanks to some companies such as FalastiniBrand who are reinventing what we think of as traditional embroidery clothing and applying a modern twist to it with styles you haven’t seen before.

Have a look at some selected examples of present time’s loveliest Palestinian embroidery fashion, we know you'll fall in love with each of them!

Below, we take a look at some selected examples of Falastini Brand embroidery fashion items.

  1. Long Black Jacket with yarn embroidery

    stylish embroidered abaya

Simple and sophisticated, the Black Jacket is a perfect combination of modern and classic fashion. It begins with a modern blouse design which slowly runs into a gorgeously embroidered long skirt. The large flowing robe is complemented by the black sleeve that gives the whole dress an amazing, fashion-forward finish. It’s the kind of embroidery work that makes heads turn towards you. Definitely, sophisticated and modern works of Palestinian embroidery.

  1. Stunning Velvet and Yarn Embroidery combination

    embroidered velvet dress

Hands down the finest combination of luxurious velvet material topped with royal blue, light green and deep pink embroidery. It's a beautiful dress to wear for evening parties, get-togethers, and festivities. Designed in a way that fits your body’s shape in the most modest manner, it really is a piece not to miss. The Black Velvet Maxi comes with a full embroidered top and belt, with a flowing black attached skirt. It has a luxurious look that most dresses cannot boast off.

  1. Beautiful Royal Blue Embroidery Jewelry Set

    embroidered jewelry set

Embroidered jewelry never fails to make a strong statement. When you need to complete your dress set, this stunning piece of dark blue jewelry will make your outing a memorable one and fetch you a lot of compliments. This embroidered set of jewelry consisting of a necklace, bracelet and earrings will go perfectly with a black or blue ethnic attire. It's an example of original, fine Palestinian craftsmanship courtesy of FalastiniBrand that you can't find anywhere else in the market. Not only does it add flavor to any traditional outfit, but it's also graceful to behold.

  1. Alluring Calligraphy Collar

This collar features the renowned and elegant Arabic calligraphy style that has its roots in the east. The handmade calligraphy collar is an ethnic fashion clothing statement packed with golden and silver embroidery with ancient coins surrounding the collar. It can go with any black dress or top.

  1. Thick Black Shawl with Contemporary Embroidery

    stylish embroidered shawl

What do you need to make a complete outfit more enchanting?

An embroidered black shawl! Getting this stylish shawl will be a decision you will always applaud. With its spring-themed colorful embroidery, it is a wardrobe essential for those who wants to take ordinary out of their fashion style. Black color goes with any outfit, the multi-colored embroidery at the edges will add an aesthetic touch to your clothing. If you’re looking to style a shawl on any traditional or casual attire, the black shawl is your best option.

Skilful fashion artists have taken the art of embroidery and reinvented it to create unique style that is a blend of tradition and modern expression.

You are missing out if there is not enough embroidered clothing and accessories in your wardrobe. For a refreshing elegant or ethnic look, the FalastiniBrand products are the right choice.

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