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Where every product is an art and every designer is an artist

When you hear the word "Palestine", what is the first thing that comes to your mind? "everlasting conflict"? "war"? "clashes"? "stolen land"? "people seeking their freedom"?! Well, that's sadly true, specially at this time of modern world, but Palestine has another face, a face that goes deep in human history, far back to the time of canaanites, a face that carries thousand years of culture and heritage. And I'm here today to show you this other face of Palestine. Palestinians create wonderful products that the world must see, each product has it's own story and struggle, each product has it's own history and uniqueness. Palestine is famous for many things that would make a world class presence and i'm going to list a few at this context.

Palestinians are masters at embroidery

When it comes to embroidery, Palestine is considered one of the top countries that produce breathtaking embroidery designs and patterns. Palestine is well known of it's traditional embroidered dress (Thoab) that preserved it's elegance and beauty thought out the years and is still the main dress for weddings and ceremonies all over Palestine. However, recently embroidery is becoming a huge trend in fashion globally, and Palestinians are reinventing style by creating amazing embroidery fashion lines that carry Palestinian heritage with a modern twist in a way that are superior to other known global brands. Not to mention that hand embroidery is superior in quality - as well - over machine made embroidery and Palestinians are masters at it.
Black open cape (poncho) with red embroidery Black shawl with stylish embroidery Butterfly blouse with stylish embroidery White dress with red embroidery  Pink embroidered abaya Black abaya with stylish hand embroidery Palestinian hand embroidered traditional thoab (dress) Etamine fabric  

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Handmade arts, jewelry & accessories

Historically Palestinians were known of craftsmanship, and they are surprisingly amazing at it. These days, we've seen a growing trend in Palestine of crafting unique arts and accessories that is just fabulous. From wall arts, to home decor items, to handmade gifts, and finally to handmade jewelry and accessories that are stunning and unique in a way that everyone will fall in love with.

Beige embroidered handbag with wooden handle Hand embroidered necklace with green embroidery Hand embroidered purse Fresh water pearl with 925 antique silver 5 layered necklace Silver Wire Ring with Red Gemstones Unique Red Stones Bracelet Handmade cute fluffy bunny string wall art Handmade owl string art 

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High quality leather industry

Since 1980s, Palestine owned several leather making factories, and was known of its high quality genuine leather shoes and bags that are created at the highest standards to serve the local and regional market seeking quality over quantity opposed to other countries' products that comprise on quality in favor to reduce cost.

embroidered leather handbag

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    We at Falastinibrand have taken the initiative to show Palestinian culture and products to the world.

    Our aim at Falastini Brand is to deliver the finest Palestinian products to everybody everywhere. We help you explore our quality market of amazing products, uncover hidden breathtaking arts, styles and designs that carry Palestinian heritage with a modern touch, and we are proud to put it at your fingertips.

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    • I ordered 4 pieces of Alaqsa art and shipped as gifts to the US.
      Not only the pieces are as as beautiful as displayed, they were carefully packaged and arrived on time. But most importantly, my daughters loved so.
      Thank you Falastini Brand for a great experience.

      Haytham Abduljawad

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